Where did Wasnik go wrong?

November 05 2012

Once considered a close aide of Gandhi family, Maharashtra’s Dalit leader Mukul Wasnik’s exit from the Central Cabinet was surprising to many. Sources reveal the cause of this and explain that when Wasnik was in the Manmohan ministry as social justice and empowerment minister, the Cabinet had sent him a 182-page report that blamed several NGOs in India of corruption and said that they had misused the funds given by the ministry and should thus be blacklisted. It also said proper investigation should be done against them. The list named several NGOs in Uttar Pradesh and the corruption charges involved somewhere around Rs 1056 crore. Without looking at the list of NGOs in the report, Wasnik gave the orders for investigation against these NGOs and asked various state governments to submit reports are these NGOs and their activities. It was this investigation that led to the investigation of the trust run by Salman Khurshid’s wife. When Akhilesh took over as the chief minister of the state, he saw the report and handed it over the Arvind Kejriwal as a way of showing Salman Khurshid the mirror. That is because the seats of Kannauj and Farrukhabad was crucial for Akhilesh. After all it is a matter of Muslim votes and he doesn’t want Salman to shine. Sources reveal that this small overlooking on Wasnik’s part led to his ousting from the Cabinet.

  1. Pucaa Says:

    Dear Akhilesh my happiest croaogtulatinn to you on taking the charge as a Cheif Minister of U.P..Pl. fulfill all the promises which you promised during the election compaign. Be aware of the opposition as they have started to propogate that Gundaraj has arrived in U.P.This is consipiracy of opposition and media to defame the Samajwadi party. For my mind mind you are having a very sober nature attitude and behaviour. May god bless.

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