Tridib Raman – A Colmunist

Tridib Raman’s multifaceted career reflects his energetic and experimental nature. He has made his professional mark in several spheres: As a Journalist, filmmaker, lyrist, activist, photographer and event organizer too. A versatile writer, Raman is name to reckon with and today his articles are published in many of the leading newspapers and magazines of India . Currently he is in the news for his humourous political gossip column, Mirch-Masala, published in the largest circulated Hindi daily Punjab Kesari.

In 1994 Raman founded a news agency News Trust of India, which serves as a platform for the circulation of insightful and thought-provoking articles on social, economy, current affairs and gender. He also runs a production company called NTI TV and has made several documentaries on social issues of concern including 4 films on water and sanitation for WSP world bank and one on CDI for Ford Foundation.

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