An Introduction

News Trust of India Television (NTI TV) incorporated in the year 1995 commenced with the combined wisdom of television professionals carrying along with them their experience, their beliefs and their knowledge. Our tryst with the print journalism a year back in the form of News Trust of India news agency had been highly appreciated by a number of publications. Thus, the television professionals then joined hands to create a television news agency, providing top of the line production of news capsules, documentaries, TV commercials, corporate films and other audio-visual presentations.

Experienced Resources
Expertise Unbound

Our regular association with the television journalists and technical professionals over the last ten years has helped to bring out our creative best. NTI TV works on a contract basis for each project as desired by the client. Since inception our team has expanded encompassing the best professionals in the field, enabling us to be on the top end of the television programming.

Our resource base consists of specialists including Reporters, Producers, Cinematographers, On-line and off-line Editors, Story-Script-Screenplay Writers, Art Designers, Art Directors and Production Managers. Human Resources are complemented by strategic alliances, based on access to some of the big names of the industry as well as top-of-the-line studios and latest equipments such as light, camera, edit suites and peripherals.

The team members have loads of experience with a number of television programmes and news channels. From conceptualization to the final execution, NTI TV has always risen up to the challenge of producing quality television software.

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