The media in Modi durbar

September 21 2014

This husband-wife duo, who continuously put Narendra Modi in the dock regarding the 2002 Gujarat riots, tried to start a new stream of journalism and their leanings to a specific political party was no secret. Neither did the due get rid of the Congress since their talk show and TV anchoring days. So when the man who is India’s biggest industrialist and close to Modi acquired control of the Media group, the duo that couldn’t stop talking about the Congress were given a farewell. After having faced unemployment for some time, the husband has got a position in English news channel. Where the wife is concerned, she has got the position of editor-in-large with a Delhi’s prominent English daily. Sources reveal that one day a phone call from the PMO was received by the owner of the newspaper who was informed that the “boss” is not happy with the way the group has eagerly given a job to the woman journalist. On the other hand, when another lady owner of a prominent newspaper group reached the PMO to meet a top official, she was told, “You used to appoint Editor in your newspapers on the advice of 10, Janpath, It would be better if you lose that habit.” And when a prominent columnist asked for time with the PM, he was asked to meet the PMO’s state minister Jitendra Singh and he was told, “You have written almost six dozen columns against Modi, if you are so against the person, why do you seek his time?” Clearly, identifying his friends and foes and knowing how to behave with each is something Modi knows well.

  1. Saurav Jha Says:

    Interesting post sir. But who is the columnist being refereed here..?

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