The government’s long arms

August 02 2015

When some media houses, which would sing paeans to Modi until some time ago, changed their tone and tenor about the Central government, the latter’s attitude towards them changed, too. As soon as an English channel with the punchline of “The nation wants to know” and its sharp-shooting and popular presenter increased its attacks against Modi government, and asked for resignations of ministers regarding Lalitgate and some other matters, the government also became strict with the owners of the channel. A tez channel, which is supposed to be a supporter of the government, had to sell off its FM radio channel to the one mentioned above. But it is believed that despite the final agreement being signed, the information and broadcasting ministry has still not cleared the file. Tired of it all, the channel owners went to the Prime Minister and briefed him about the situation. It is said that the Prime Minister’s heart melted a bit at this; in return, however, the channel owners have had to tell their sharp-shooting news presented to pipe down a bit; the channel has also reduced its pitch on the resignations of Sushma and other ministers and chief ministers. It’s true after all – the government’s thinking may be small, but its hands are indeed long.

  1. Sudeep singla Says:

    India today channel with 3media prostitute rajdeep.barkha and now Rahul kanwal also suddenly become aggressive and reporting anti national, pro terrorist and pro congress

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