Sushma’s ‘Hill’ station?

June 19 2017

Petit Sushma Swaraj seems to be the ideal consensual choice of both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Nagpur saffron commandeers. The Number Two in the khaki brigade in Nagpur, Bhaiyaji Joshi has been pushing the envelope for Swaraj for quite some time now.
Sources close to the goings on coo that even as BJP heavyweight Venkaiah Naidu met (till now) Congress chief Sonia Gandhi last Friday to iron out such ‘up-Hill’ issues, Swaraj came a clear First in the effort to have a consensual candidate. Though the Congress has been as silent as a cuckoo on a winter night on this, our ears and eyes in 10 Janpath assure us that out of a list of names of probable candidates for the post of President, Sonia Gandhi had raised no finger on just one such: Swaraj.
This despite the fact that a number of senior BJP satraps are still eyeing the top slot, which includes the likes of the now side-tracked old party builder Lal Krishna Advani, perhaps Naidu himself, the rendered-useless Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley, former heavy-weight Murli Manohar Joshi, sitting Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh as well as current Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and Governors Vidyasagar Rao and Draupadi Murmu. These, even as some senior BJP players are also propping up the name of “Metro-man” E Shridharan. Also in the naming are RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, proffered by BJP’s ‘love-not-hate-not’ partner-in-arms Shiv Sena, as well as ‘Food-Man’ MS Swaminathan. However, sources close to the bosses tell us that Sushma is still the wining mare, to be politically correct.
Birds from the lawns of 7 RCR tell us that there has been a recent and long meeting between party boss Amit Shah, the PM and Ram Madhav on this issue, and even during that, Sushma has been found to be the most pleasant – and the one acceptable by the Opposition – face to grace the Hill-top.

  1. GS Narayanan Says:

    You grapevine “ears” need proper servicing and oiling and de-rusting since most of the gossip you are posting are way off the mark….May be you are posting based on day dreaming you do while snoring in the chair at noon

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