Rahul’s Tughlaqi Farman

January 11 2015

While on one hand political parties like BJP and AAP are busy making all efforts for upcoming Delhi Assembly election, working out permutation and combinations and leaving no stone unturned to achieve success, the scion of Congress party was busy holidaying abroad until three days before Modi’s mega rally in Delhi. A group of senior congressmen are urging him to take over the party’s reign (It is believed that Sonia is likely to give her consent on this issue during forthcoming Congress working committee meeting on Tuesday and it may be formally announced in March), on the other hand a large number of annoyed congress members have begun voicing their concerns on the party platform. Few have gone to the extent of chiding that Rahul’s shift to ‘Tuglaq Lane’ has influenced his attitude as well. He has been making erratic decisions these days. Rahul has been accused of running the party like a private limited firm and he is behaving rashly with senior party leaders. Amid the heat of Delhi Assembly polls, Rahul appointed hardcore English-speaking PC Chako as in charge of Delhi elections, gave the responsibility of screening committee to AK Antony, and left for Christmas and New Year vacations. Interestingly, Hindi-speaking candidates were left in lurch on the issue of communicating with Antony or Chako, as they only speak English. Otherwise, also, the face of Rahul’s core team has completely changed, Digvijay Singh and Kanishka Singh have been sidelined, and Jairam Ramesh is almost in the same situation. Shankar, Sachin Rao, Mohan Gopal, Madhusudan Mistry and Bhanwar Jitendra Singh are at the helm in Rahul’s Darbar these days. Jairam and Mohan Gopal cannot see each other eye to eye. Mohan Gopal lives by the theory that as soon as Modi will grow ‘unpopular’, Rahul’s graph will automatically incline.

  1. Rajeev Ranjan Tiwari Says:

    बेहतरीन। अच्छी जानकारी दी गई है।

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