Rahul’s excuse

December 01 2016

The Dravid Munnetra Kazhagan (DMK) leaders were peeved with Rahul Gandhi because he visited the ailing Jayalalitha, the DMK’s sworn enemy, at the hospital but did not so much as peep into Congress’ UPA partner DMK’s office. Rahul explained to them that all his visits are hush hush and decided at the last moment. This is because wherever he goes after the note ban, Modi supporters mock him. Why, they even started chanting “Modi… Modi, when he visited the bank to share his sympathies with the suffering common man. Not just that, they took his crestfallen photos and promptly uploaded them on social media networks. That is why he has to take extra caution about his visits. Apparently, this excuse has seen to it that the DMK is placated.

  1. Swamy Says:

    I know this is a gossip column, but when you write have some sense. RG visited JJ on October 7th and Demonitization happened on Nov 8th!! So this excuse is absurd

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