Prashant’s Rahul connection

March 13 2016

Modi’s people can’t stand him, and Nitish and the Congress can’t get enough of him. Contrary to what Ajay Maken and Sandeep Dikshit think, both Rahul and Priyanka have started to feel that Prashant Kishore really is valuable, and so they have started giving him more responsibilities. But few people know that Kishore started his innings in India with Rahul. Back then, Kishore used to run a strategy company in a South African country. When he couldn’t find any medium to reach out to Rahul, he stood among the crowd that would collect for the junta durbar at his residence. When Rahul met him, he couldn’t help but be impressed with what Kishore had to say. He was given a job with a salary of Rs 50,000, and was appointed in Amethi with Kishori Lal. Later, to design his election strategy, Modi needed someone from Rahul’s side, and someone who closely knew his working style. Kishore was the man, and he made good use of his information, and became a part of Modi’s core team, from where he took a flight of success.

  1. Shubham Tiwari Says:

    It should be Rahul Gandhi not Maken. FM sunte hue likh rahe the kya..

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