Naidu’s Blank

June 19 2017

It was just last week when an ambitious Venkaiah Naidu met the PM Modi with an urgent plea. Sources reveal that he told Modi: “I have been a ‘blind supporter’ of yours. Besides, I have been keeping an indifferent health these days. So, if I am given a good assignment (he meant Presidentship), I will be your obliged servant.” Modi, of course, retained by now his famous ambivalent silence.
However, during Naidu’s pleadings, there also appeared the emanation of former party strongman Murli Manohar Joshi, who had been given time to meet the PM at the same hour. Both Joshi and Naidu were crestfallen at seeing each other.
Apparently, Joshi told the PM: “I just need a few minutes with you alone,” to which Modi said, “Well, Venkaiah ji is also one of our very own, so you may speak your mind right in front of us.” On that, Joshi seems to have somehow mumbled: “I have served the party all my life. This calls for justice for me.”
Modi allowed a rare smile to escape his lips. That smile was an entire screenplay. Naidu was made part of the screening committee for the party’s next presidential candidate, just as finance minister Arun Jaitley and union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, both presidential aspirants were also turned from runners in the race to umpires in it!

  1. GS Narayanan Says:

    You grapevine “ears” need proper servicing and oiling and de-rusting since most of the gossip you are posting are way off the mark….May be you are posting based on day dreaming you do while snoring in the chair at noon

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