Modi, Sushma and an email

August 17 2014

Roaring from the ramparts of Red Fort, Narendra Modi emphasized the point that it is crucial that different ministries at the Centre work in synergy and how things between two ministries in the UPA government came to such a head that the matter went to the Supreme Court. Thus, Modi has clearly told his ministers that they should all work in tandem. Needless to say, each minister is paying heed to what their leader had to say and is treating it like an order. For instance, Sandeep Bhuria, a social activist associated with the United Nations was so impressed with the way Narendra Modi functions that he wrote an email to the latter expressing a desire to meet him. The very next day, that is August 11, there was a phone call from the PMO that he will be informed about a meeting on August 12. Sandeep had expressed a desire to meet Modi in his mail and told him that he wanted to make some recommendations regarding the foreign policy. Sandeep got a phone on the 12th saying that he should meet with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at the stipulated time in the Parliament. Incidentally, a voting on the National Judicial Appointment Commission Bill was going on in the Parliament that day, but Bhuria went to meet the Parliament to meet Sushma at the asked time. When Sushma got the information, she left the session and went to meet him; the meeting lasted for more than an hour. While going, Sushma asked Sandeep for how long he knew Modi. Sandeep replied, “I’ve never met him; I only sent him an email.” Modi government’s veteran minister stood still at his reply.

  1. Shyamal Says:

    Really love your gossips hope there is some truth in it though. :P

  2. Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan Says:

    This is wonderful from PM. If some one wants to do something really good for the Country and he has got good ideas to share with, he should be given an opportunity . This is called democratic approach and participative management.The whole objective is Country’s progress and image building with people’s welfare being the undercurrent.Good going.

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