Media’s Vow to Shah

October 08 2017

Media always revelled in its role of a watchdog. But, in the fast-changing socio-political milieu, media role too is undergoing a change. It is soon turning out to be a pool of those in power. Amit Shah was invited recently by one of the largest Hindi newspapers of the country for a free-wheeling interaction with its senior editors. As was customary for them, a tape recorder was switched on at the outset itself to record the proceedings for exact reproduction. After the instructions were over, Shah switched off the Dictaphone. When somebody put up an uncomfortable question, Shah ducked the bouncer by snapping, “Your senior editors know what will go into print”. When a senior editor asked his reaction to cow slaughter, he shot back, “PM has already clarified nobody should be harassed in the name of cow protection. I endorse the same”. The newspaper after preparing the report of this media exchange, duly sent it to Amit Shah’s office for approval. To their utter astonishment, the approved version contained some questions, which had not been put up in the meeting.

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