Lalu’s Ram

April 26 2016

A few days ago, when Nitish went to Lalu’s home for a meal, he tried to tell Lalu that giving both Rabri and Misa a Rajya Sabha seat together will not send a positive message to the party workers. So, it would be best if Rabri Devi is given a Rajya Sabha seat, and Misa starts preparing for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from now itself, and the RJD give the other Rajya Sabha seat to a Muslim. Lalu then put forward what was in his heart; he wanted this seat to go to such a lawyer who can help him clear the legal mess he is in. Sources say the very next day, Ram Jethmalani took an evening flight to Patna, had dinner with Lalu, and assured him that he will try to turn the court cases in his favour in just six months, and God willing, he will succeed, too. The next day, Jethmalani’s flight landed at Mumbai, but his political ambitions are soaring in the skies.

  1. Jagdish N Singh Says:

    What a great democracy India is becoming ! Unlike Lohia and J P, our socialist leaders today are producing so much in no time for our futuristic Parliament ! This is not to say others– Congress and BJP managers– are inferior !

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