Karat did not meet Yechury

June 05 2016

Having ruled West Bengal for 34 years, when Communist Party-Marxist could only get 22 seats under the leadership of Sitaram Yechury in these Assembly elections, it was only natural that a lot would happen in the red party. Yechury took it upon himself to pacify an upset Prakash Karat. A special aide of Karat spoke to Yechury, and it was then decided that both would meet at A K Gopalan Bhavan in New Delhi on a one-to-one basis and sort out their differences. Yechury reached there at the assigned time, but when Karat was nowhere to be seen until 6 pm, the former called him up. Karat apologized and said that there were party workers at home, who wouldn’t leave even when they should have. And so why doesn’t he speak with Politburo’s member Balakrishna Pillai.

  1. RMAU Says:

    Yechury asserted that he did not want to cry over the proverbial split milk by indulging in too much of introspection, but wanted to lead the party from the front into the future.

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