In the end…

November 06 2016

Famous Indian-American hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal on his India visit wanted to have a fund-raising dinner for Hillary Clinton. He had already booked a Five Star hotel. The hotel owner too was showing keen interest in the event. But the American Embassy swung into action at the last moment and made it amply clear to the Ministry of External Affairs that the function did not have the approval of either Hillary or the Democratic Party. Neither had Chatwal met them, the embassy stressed abundantly, nor spoken to any of them. The programme was abruptly cancelled, though Chatwal had to forgo the advance money he had paid, quite a Prince’s Ransom, as they say!

  1. abha rao Says:

    .needless to say…had the american embassy democrats hillary not interfered. ..the dinner would have gone smooth and chatwal would have made a huge profit….

    .I don’t think a prince would end up doing such pranks. ..highly unprincely act..,

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