Guess who’s modi’s jabra fan?

October 10 2016

Ever heard of a serving minister topping the list of fans of the prime minister? Well, you’re hearing it now. The suave and personable Piyush Goel is right up there on the NaMo app with 3,500 points, awarded on the basis of the number of tweets and messages where he has tagged the prime minister. Behind him is the ruling party and at number three is Union Minister Kalraj Mishra. Credit for the new look and new features of the app apparently goes to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, who gave Modi some advice on how to upgrade the app and make it more interactive and responsive to the public. The app also helps him stay connected with his Cabinet Ministers, celebrities and ordinary people, many of whom are his fans. The app is now offering some incentives to keep the communications going. Badges will be awarded to those who consistently tweet or message and those hitting 131 points win a badge. When a person reaches the figure of 1000 tweets or messages, he or she will get the title of Explorer, and at 2000 points one wins the title of Know It All. There’s also a super fan badge for those who hit 5000 points. Going by that, Goyal may be well on his way to topping the list.

  1. Marlien Says:

    So excited I found this article as it made things much quieckr!

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