Face-off with the secretary

August 28 2016

When the textile minister had issues with a secretary in her ministry, the latter thought it wise to leave the place for someplace else. Sources close to the ministry say that one day the minister went to Cottage Industries, which comes under the aegis of the ministry, and bought saris worth several lakhs. She also liked an idol of Ganesha, which according to sources cost Rs 8 lakh. It is said that the minister’s personal staff sent the bills for payment to her secretary. They also say that Ms Secretary didn’t like this and retorted back saying there was no way this bill could be passed. To this, Ms Minister replied back saying the textile minister has full right to wear good clothes. Things got so heated between the two that it is said that the secretary complained about this to the Cabinet secretary, who also happens to be her sibling. The matter reached Modi’s ears through the Cabinet secretary, but Modi has his own thoughts about clothes and dressing up; until now, no fingers have not been pointed at him.

  1. chetak Says:

    Here is further proof from a shady jurno

    Rajdeep SardesaiVerified account‏@sardesairajdeep

    I deleted tweet on an unnamed minister because it was based on unverified info. Mistake. Apologies. motto is sense above sensation.

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