Attitude towards Advani

April 12 2015

During the National Working Committee’s meeting at Bangalore, BJP duo Modi-Shah managed to put it across to party leaders and workers that the party and the government are on the same wavelength. Additionally, the party’s guidance committee (margdarshak mandal) has now become more of a darshak mandal, that is, audience committee. It was probably the first time in BJP veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani’s political journey that he got off at the Bangalore airport and there was no one to receive him. To receive Advani at the airport, the BJP had put on duty a local Assembly leader from the state, who disappeared somewhere at the last moment. Advani somehow reached the venue Hotel Lalit, and when he expressed a wish to be seated next to Modi on the podium, he was politely refused. Again, while Modi and Shah were welcomed with a shawl and a bouquet of flowers, Advani had to remain content with just a bouquet; the party did not felicitate him with a garland or a shawl. Several veteran leaders were seen making enquiries and asking for information about the programme schedule, but no one knew anything. Those who knew, knew everything; they also knew why things had changed so drastically.

  1. Former Modi bhakt Says:

    Disgraceful.. Utterlydisgraceful

  2. Anil Kumar Acharya Says:

    In the news spot Sonia’s letter to Ambani there appears to be a mistake that Sonia recalls her 47 years of married life with Rajeev. Aperantly it is wrong. Please check up.

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