Another sting falls flat

September 04 2016

Politics is in his blood, his love for cricket borders on obsession, he is young, and despite his age, the heights he has reached, is commendable. But this young leader was caught in a spot a few days ago, when a big lawyer recorded a conversation with him in a five-star hotel in Delhi, regarding the politics in cricket. That’s not all, this lawyer then had an all-powerful Central minister listen to this recording. Sources say this conversation also had something about some give and take. Mr lawyer wanted to present this conversation at a press conference, but the minister averted the disaster by intervening. Then he had the young leader speak to him and it was only then that the matter calmed down a little.

  1. Vinod swami Says:

    सर, आपके आलेख पंजाब केशरी मे हमेशा पढता हू। यहा पर व टविटर पर हिन्दी मे लिखोगे तो हर देशवासी आपके आलेख पढ सकता है। जिनको अग्रैजी आती है वो हिन्दी समझते है, पर देश के ग्रामिण क्षैत्र मे मेरे जैसे लाखो लोग अग्रेजी नही समझते।

  2. Vinod swami Says:

    क्या हिमाचल के युवा नेता का जिक्र..?

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