Grapes of Nasik are sour for Pawar & family

May 17 2016

Shining like a blazing comet on the Indian political horizon, Sharad Pawar’s stars are telling a different story nowadays. So, away from cricket and its strokes, Pawar is paying full attention to the politics of farmers. Nowadays, Pawar can be seen networking with several political parties about the formation of a new policy for farmers. He has even got the consent of nearly three dozen Parliamentarians to join the farmers’ forum. The first core meeting of these Parliamentarians was held by Pawar at his official residence, and those such as Trinamul’s Sougat Roy, NCP’s Tariq Anwar, BJD’s Tathagat Sathapathy, and Bhratahari Mahtab reached on time. Then came news that the flight by which Pawar was supposed to come to Delhi from Mumbai had been delayed. Pawar gave his Parliamentarian daughter Supriya Sule the duty to play the hostess to the Parliamentarians and discuss the new farmers’ policy with them. Sources say Sule took good care of the Parliamentarians, but the discussions got diverted. Seeing wine glasses clinking everywhere Mahtab got a little angry and said, “We were under the impression some serious discussions were to take place.” The answer was, “This wine is made from the grapes of Nasik; we are doing a good thing for at least those farmers in Maharashtra who are growing grapes.” Several Parliamentarians chose to leave early. Sensing the delicacy of the matter, Pawar sahib called for the next meeting of the same people in the Parliament Annexe, where serious discussions about the farmers’ policy were held.

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