Yogi’s UP is boiling but Keshav is cool

October 20 2020

What a bizarre country of ours is where settlements are burnt down for one cow, curfews are imposed, but when an innocent girl falls victim to a crime, no one speaks about it, not even your conscience. The ruling party is afraid that the fire from Hathras and Balrampur may spoil the saffron hopes in the Bihar elections, so the BJP’s central leadership has begun to curb the unbridled desires of its siphalsar, ie Yogi. Before these uncomfortable incidents took place, a public opinion poll was conducted by the BJP in the state itself. According to sources, the results of this survey were shocking as the Brahmins and backward castes of the state were disenchanted with power while Yogi’s popularity was also on a tremendous decline in the state. It has been claimed that this decline has been reduced to 29 percent, and now the party and the government may have to face the resentment of Dalits too. It is said that the resentment of the high command had started with Yogi when only Yogi’s pictures were seen in the full-page newspaper advertisements and even PM’s picture was missing from these. BJP’s ‘number two’ had asked Yogi to make one of his trusted confidants the chairman of a commission, but when no decision was taken on it, Amit Shah directly summoned Sunil Bansal and sent him to meet Yogi. Since the Chief Minister was busy with some important administrative tasks, Bansal had to wait for hours to meet him. Recently, when Yogi reshuffled his cabinet, many of Shah’s close men were either given less important portfolios or were shown the way out. Shrikant Sharma, who is considered to be very close to Shah, would have also been given a new ministry but it was stalled at the last moment. The events of Hathras and Balrampur had also put tension lines on PM that the incidents do not make a social agitation like Rohit Vemula’s death, so the language and actions of all the news channels changed. It is heard that Keshav Prasad Maurya is preparing himself as the new CM of the state, the work of construction of Ram temple has started in Ayodhya, i.e., Yogi has already discharged one of his important responsibilities.

  1. Rovin Gupta Says:

    Even worse, many times in india riots have happened and several hundred people killed just because some pages of a aasmani book have been found on road. But people like you have perfectly normalised that and blaming people who are trying to protect their cattle.

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