Yogi’s Media Music

August 02 2017

The media in Uttar Pradesh is facing a new music from CM Adityanath, who has decided to cut the crap without caring for personal relationships with the journalists. His predecessor, Akhilesh Yadav, is known to have rained moolah on the media from the exchequer. Now the Yogi wants the wheels pushed back. Earlier, journalists had been allocated government houses at less than nominal rents. Yogi got a state-wide survey conducted to see which are the journalists own homes in their own or their wives names. All such scribes are being asked to vacate government housing. Next, he got a physical verification of all the newspapers that come out and claim inflated circulation figures. Hundreds of such newspapers have been identified, whose main business was to claim circulation to get government advertisements. The media, which had connived with the state’s babus, are mighty upset. But Yogi has become meditational in his media cleansing drive.

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