Yogi’s indifferent attitude

July 31 2016

After the PM’s rally in Gorakhpur, Poorvanchal’s heavyweight leader Yogi Adityanath is a tad uneasy. The thing is, the PM was not very happy with the rally; sources say he expressed his displeasure to UP’s prabhari Om Mathur on the stage itself. The ground where the rally was held was a small one, and despite that, there wasn’t a big enough crowd. Sources say the responsibility of getting people for the rally was that of Yogi and Sunil Bansal. Bansal washed his hands off it and blamed it entirely on Yogi. UP’s prabhari Om Mathur tried to give clarifications saying, “It is raining and this is also a busy time for the farmers.” To this, Modi retorted saying, “I am a man of the soil; how can the farmers be busy if it is raining? And in any case, the rains had stopped by 9 am.” The next day after the rally, Yogi called some of his supporters for a meeting, and got a little emotional there. He said fate had given him everything; he was the be-all of the Gorakhnath Peeth, and there was not much that he wanted. It was after this that he said he was not in the race for becoming the CM. He also cancelled his Jhansi and Agra programs, and it is heard that the party is trying to placate him.

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