Yechury 1, Karat 0

April 30 2018

A few days back, CPM’s party congress was convened in Hyderabad. In this meeting, a tug-of-war shaped up between two veterans Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat and their supporters.
In the party congress, the debate of the hour was over which line should the party adopt after all – Yechury Line or Karat line?
At one point of the tussle, the matter so heated up that a delegate from Punjab threatened to sit on protest, then and there.
Meanwhile, a new voice of the party Uday Narvekar stood up and said, “My claim is that if the party follows the Karat line even for mere next three years, then its name will have to be changed from CPM to CPI.” And then Narvekar curtailed the new definition of CPI – “Communist Party Irrelevant”, that is, then the party will not have any relevance in Indian politics. Said enough, after this the party decided on following the ‘Yechury Line’.

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