Worthy Worship?

January 18 2015

Despite the legal aid, those caught in the fire of Coal scam have chosen rally around abodes of God for respite. Their reverence spree has reached from Kashi to Kamakhya. Sources divulge that Sriprakash Jaiswal, Praful Patel and Vijay Darda’s adulations are not just limited to temple visits but they are also conducting regular chanting of ‘Mantras’ for reprieve. One ex-minister has gone to the extent of conducting ‘Baglamukhi Japa’ at Shiva’s Markandeya Mahesh Temple at Gazipur. The temple is known for devotees praying here for fulfillment of their wishes. Sources tell that Sriprakash Jaiswal is eating chapatis from Jail since past three months to escape ‘Jail Yog’(respite from going to Jail). Interestingly, when a person is in trouble, then only he remembers God.

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