Working in tandem

July 10 2016

In a way, the Sangh has given up in front of the Modi-Shah duo regarding their favourites. The way Smriti Irani, who is a favourite of prominent Sangh leader Krishna Gopal, has been taken out of human resources and given the textile ministry, is an indication that all is well between the duo and Sangh. Sources say Smriti has been advised that she should let go off her stubborn nature, or she might have to say bye to even a Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat. Sources say those close to Irani are putting it out that she might be projected as the chief ministerial candidate from UP. But a few days ago, the editor of a big English daily newspaper met Amit Shah and asked him about it. Shah didn’t mince his words; he dismissed the idea and said, “No way.” So has Smriti Irani played her most happening political innings already? Will this ruler of headlines have to satisfy herself with being on the sidelines?

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