Women to the rescue?

March 06 2018

The heat of electoral results has forced Shivraj to change the his political game. Anyway, for the past several months, Shivraj was busy trying to get out of his pro-farmer image. Instead now he’s busy with his pro-women agenda these days. Compared to men, the sex ratio of women in the state is around 49 per cent. The history is evident that the women’s votes also fall in the same bulk, which plays an important role in the fall or the formation of any government. So, knowing that women are of religious propensity, Shivraj has been of late scripting a lot of ‘dharam-karam’ in his speeches. Earlier too Shivraj used to participate in religious rituals, but these days he seems to have wrapped a Rama-cape around him. In his defence to the sudden beyond farmer approach can be that ever since the central government has implemented the Pradhamnatri Fasal Bima Yojana, the issue of crop compensation and loan waiver to farmers is no more under the umbrella of the state government and now directly lies with the Center. Anyhow the Shivraj government owes the farmers some Rs 2600 crore. The state government’s treasury is empty for the farmers. Apex Bank does not have money. Talking about only the year 2016, this year almost 18 lakh farmers were insured under the scheme but, tragic enough, the farmers couldn’t even retain the invested amount let alone the crop compensation. Now the anger of the farmers has boiled right up on Shivraj, and so he has gone to the refuge of women. Perhaps he has forgotten that there is a considerable number of women voters in the farming families, too.

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