Will Sushant Singh get Padma Vibhushan?

September 13 2020

Despite the absence of Sushant Singh Rajput, people’s craze for him is increasing, especially in Bihar, a new ‘passion’ for him is seen and this attitude of ‘Khalis Biharipan’ is so deep that the central government of BJP understood this. It was mentioned earlier that Sushant’s untimely death will become a big issue in the Bihar Assembly elections. According to highly placed sources, the Central Government is preparing, posthumously, to award the country’s highest civilian honor Padma Vibhushan to Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant’s birthday falls on 21 January and civilian honors are announced around 25 January on the occasion of Republic Day. Meanwhile, after approving the recommendation of the Bihar government, the Modi government has handed over the case of Sushant’s death to CBI. Sushant’s case is making new revelations every day, and now a former R&AW intelligence agent NK Sood claims that Sushant’s death has a connection to D Company, from where he was constantly receiving threats, claiming ha he was so scared of these threats that he changed 50 SIM cards in a few days.

Sometimes he parked their car in a secluded place and slept in it. Sood raises the question that Sushant, who wrote the scripts of the two films, also had a habit of writing diaries regularly and if he had an absurd idea of suicide, he would have left some suicide note. Sood suspects Sushant’s filmmaker friend Sandeep Singh alleging that he has done the job by teaming up with Sushant’s servant. Sood also suspects that Sandeep used to share all the information related to Sushant with Karan Johar and Salman Khan. Sood also reveals Salman’s relationship with the underworld. Now that the matter is with the CBI, it would be best to wait before reaching any such conclusion.

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