Will Brinda succeed Yechury?

June 05 2016

Listening to what Prakash Karat had said, Yechury called up Balakrishna Pillai. Sources say he was advised from Pillai’s side that it would be better if he relinquished his post on his own, lest his resignation is asked for in the next Politburo’s meeting. It is said Yechury had sensed that the Karat coterie wanted to make Brinda Karat the secretary instead of him. So Yechury also made it clear that he would definitely not leave his seat for Brinda. If the party wants, it can choose some other leader. Yechury also said that this was not the first time that the party has taken a beating in elections. Even during Harkishan Singh Surjeet’s times, the party has had to face defeat several times. Sources say Yechury has taken a significant moral decision that once his tenure in the Rajay Sabha ends, he will not extend it, and will work only for the party.

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