Why Lalu-Paswan parted ways?

March 02 2014

What made Lalu-Paswan’s years-old friendship break away at the drop of a hat to the extent that Paswan jumped directly into the laps of his arch-rival, Narendra Modi. If sources are to be believed if someone had major issues in joining hands with Lalu, it was Paswan’s son Chirag Paswan who is also a Chairman of Lok Janshakti Party’s parliamentary board . Chirag was upset over Lalu’s Lieutenant Raghuvansh Prasad Singh’s comment in which he called Ram Vilas’s party worth fighting only “two-and-a-half” seats in Bihar, understanding the seriousness of the situation, Lalu sent his trustworthy man Abdul Bari Siddiqui to Paswan’s Delhi residence to apologize, but Chirag maintained that Lalu’s partymen abuse socially, but apologize in dark, what message does this send across? Apart from this, Lalu was willing to give Paswan just four seats, whereas BJP agreed on seven. Paswan is confident of winning five seats Lok Sabha elections. Therefore, Paswan dumped the lamppost out of his bungalow, hoping for the lotus to blossom.  

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