Why is Priyanka’s charm not working?

April 21 2021

In the assembly elections of five states, Priyanka Gandhi was coming out as the biggest star campaigner of the Congress party. Her meetings in states like Assam and Kerala were attracting a large crowd, and in a way, her charisma was starting to engulf the people. However, suddenly she received an order from the Working President of Congress i.e. her mother Sonia Gandhi that she should keep her focus confined to Uttar Pradesh. Sources associated with the Congress claim that in fact, Sonia Gandhi wants that if the Congress performs better in Kerala, Assam, and Tamil Nadu, then the credit should only be given to Rahul Gandhi, who has been working hard in these states for a long time. So, with two days left in the election campaign, Priyanka backtracked herself, stating that her husband Robert Vadra’s Covid report came back positive. While Priyanka’s own report came negative. So, in a changed scenario, Priyanka has shifted her focus to UP where the upcoming Panchayat elections are to be held on April 15, 19, 26, and 29. The results of these elections are also to come on May 2. In a way, the panchayat elections will prove to be an ordeal for the BJP government of UP, especially in Western UP, where it will learn as to how much the ongoing farmers’ agitation has hurt the saffron party. Anyway, only a few months are left in the UP assembly elections for which Priyanka has formed 8 teams. If Congress sources are to be believed, for the assembly elections, Priyanka has told these potential candidates that ‘Your responsibility is to ensure victory for the Congress-backed candidates in the civic elections.’ Anyway, the Congress party is struggling with a lack of funds at the moment. Potential claimants have also been told that ‘they should bear the expenses of candidates of their constituencies in the civic elections. That is, in a way, 10 Janpath has made it clear to Priyanka Gandhi that Rahul Gandhi will remain the country’s leader while she should confine herself to UP only.

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