Why is Chirag Paswan miffed?

July 12 2020

LJP leader and MP from Jamui in Bihar Chirag Paswan is annoyed these days. His resentment is from both BJP and Nitish. He feels that the competition between the BJP and JDU to be the bigger power hub than other parties, and is resulting in complete ignorance of LJP. Chirag’s resentment is such that when the District President of Munger in his party made a statement that everything is going well in the NDA, the person was immediately discharged. Chirag wanted at least one of the 12 Legislative Council seats in the state to fall in his party’s kitty, but Nitish retained seven of these seats for JDU and asked Chirag to ask BJP for his quota seat. Chirag understood Nitish’s attitude. He was already annoyed with Nitish for not including at least two MLAs from his party into his cabinet, however, the Bihar CM did not budge.

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