Why did Rajni pull his feet back?

February 07 2021

Rajinikanth, the superstar of Tamil films, was continuously preparing the ground of his political party for the last 2 years and on 31 December 2017, he had announced to enter politics and form his new party. His plan was to launch his party last year, he made BJP’s Arjunamurthy the convenor of this new party, and handed over the responsibility of looking after his party to Tanilaswi Mannion, founder of Gandhi Makkal Iyakam. Sources reveal that Rajinikanth also had an extra attachment to PM Modi and also liked the BJP as a party. S Gurumurthy from BJP and Sangh was constantly in touch with Rajinikanth. Sources reveal that Rajni was conducting public opinion polls in successive states, and in those surveys, he could not get a sense of the complete bloom of ‘saffron lotus’. If sources are to be believed, he then gave up his intention to raise his new party. Sources also say that Rajni’s wife Lata Rajinikanth met Gurumurthy and asked for a big financial help to build the party. Gurumurthy also spoke to the central leadership of the BJP, but the help could not be provided. The BJP leadership felt that it was not right to place such a big bet on a party that was not formed yet, and Rajinikanth also pulled his feet back, sensing the gravity of the case.

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