Why did R K Singh speak?

July 05 2015

Desires are like restless fledglings; if you don’t guard them fiercely, they will fall prey to the crow. Did R K Singh, former home secretary and BJP Parliamentarian make the mistake twice? Sources reveal that in 2014, just before the Lok Sabha elections, when Singh met BJP’s presidential candidate NaMo, the latter had assured him that if the BJP forms a government at the Centre, Singh will get a big role to play in it. Thus, just a day before the election results came in, Singh spoke his mind at an interview done by a TV channel, saying he might head either the home or the defense ministry. This was unacceptable to BJP’s top leadership. As a result, he was not made a minister at the Centre; instead, the party’s Thakur politicians such as Rudy and Radhamohan Singh were given preference. After this, Singh sahib tried several times to meet the prime minister, but didn’t get it. R K Singh’s recent comments against Sushma and Vasundhara can be seen in this backdrop. The responsibility to placate an upset Singh sahib was given to Rajnath Singh, who has assured the former that the party will make adequate use of him for Bihar elections.

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