Why did Krishna Gopal had to leave?

July 28 2021

The departure of senior Sangh leader Krishna Gopal, who has long paved the way for coordination between the Sangh and the BJP, is shocking. Trusted sources close to the Sangh, reveal that when BJP’s declared Chanakya Amit Shah went to meet Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat soon after the Bengal elections, Krishna Gopal was also present there. It is said that Krishna Gopal showed indomitable courage to ask some unpleasant questions to BJP and government number two Amit Shah. Krishna Gopal said that for the last 4 years, the Sangh had thrown itself in West Bengal, the volunteers of the Sangh had toiled day and night in an effort to help ‘Lotus’ bloom in Bengal, but due to the party High Command’s few wrong words and decisions, the scene was changed. Especially, the BJP High Command made a lot of mistakes in ticket distribution there. Tickets were distributed selectively in bulk to the people, who came to BJP from other parties. It is said that on this, Shah wanted to explain to them that in the elections, victory and defeat goes on, who knew that the BJP would register such a bumper victory in UP and Tripura, it is said that Krishna Gopal left the meeting in the middle. Bhagwat tried to intervene, but things didn’t work out. While leaving, Shah requested the Sangh Chief only that ‘you should look out for someone else for coordination in UP’ and from there, Krishna Gopal’s parley was reversed.

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