Why are we afraid of pointing fingers at China?

July 01 2020

Prashant Kishor (PK) was once the apple of the eye of Modi and BJP and had a very important role in framing the election strategy for 2014. Just check out one of his latest tweets- The war against Corona was won in 21 days and nobody turned up to fight against China. Now, what is left, is economic development well that will be taken care of by govt data personnel….there is no need to worry as the govt says that everything is alright. And to become Atma Nirbhar (Self Reliant) just keep following our election campaign. Even if you ignore the implacability of this statement, how will you turn a blind eye to what PM Modi said on Indo-Chinese standoff in the all-party meeting – Neither has anyone intruded into our territory nor has anyone taken over any post. Nobody can dare to take even an inch of our land. Now, look at the irony that the  Minister of State for Defence, Sri Pad Nayak in his recent Goa visit, told the media in clear terms that India will not spare the Chinese as they attacked our soldiers by intruding on our land. Meanwhile, how can you forget all the Bhakt News channels harping on the story that the Chinese have taken over two-thirds of the 134 Km long Pangong Lake (Three Idiots fame). The Chinese soldiers are still here and no Indian can think of setting foot near the lake. So the question is where did the skirmish take place on June 15 ? We all are certain that the Indian soldiers didn’t enter the Chinese territory, so it means that the Chinese invaded our territory and attacked our soldiers. China is still declaring the Galwan valley to be its territory. Why is nobody giving a befitting reply to China?

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