Whose cycle?

October 30 2015

When he was the chief minister, Nitish Kumar had distributed bicycles to school-going girls in hundreds. The campaign showed positive results, and more and more girls expressed an interest in going to school. Thus, making the bicycle a base, Nitish designed several ambitious campaigns, and everything from TV ads to print campaigns was prepared. But the minute the campaign hit the public eye, the Samajwadi Party started to take undue advantage of it, and its party workers started reaching out to the public and saying, “This cycle is our election symbol.” When the media campaign about this cycle was being designed, Mulayam Singh was with Lalu and Nitish. But the Yadav-Singh matter forced him to change his loyalties, and now he is contesting the Bihar elections in collaboration with the NCP. Thus, as soon as Mulayam left the coalition, Nitish also had to retract his bicycle campaign.

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