Whose bungalow, Chirag or Paras?

July 28 2021

Modi and BJP for whom Chirag Paswan put his everything i.e. entire political career at stake, is feeling that he has been cheated. He has an open offer of Tejashwi that he should join RJD and if he wants, he should also merge his party with RJD. One, Chirag is still in limbo, he doesn’t know what decision the Election Commission will take regarding the ‘Lok Janshakti Party’ formed by his father, but he feels that since the party organization stands firmly by him, so the party will ultimately come back to him. Chirag knows that going with Tejashwi may cost him politically, because in the course of time, whenever his father had joined Lalu, the electoral performance of the Lok Janshakti Party had reached its lowest levels. Because both Yadav and Paswan are martial communities in the state, which never get along with each other. Chirag is still looking at Modi with the hope that only he can get him out of this political mess. Chirag knows that four MPs of his party i.e. Pashupati Paras, Veena Devi, Chandan Singh and Mehboob Ali Kaiser can join JDU anytime. But his cousin Prince Paswan can return and come to him. At present, Chirag’s bungalow at 12 Janpath is also hanging in the balance. It was heard that the government had allotted this bungalow to his uncle Pashupati Paras after he became the Union Minister, but Pashupati Paras refused to take that bungalow due to fear of public shame. Now Union Steel Minister RCP Singh from JDU is trying for this bungalow to satisfy Nitish Kumar’s ego. The ball is currently in Modi’s court, whether he still considers Chirag as his ‘Hanuman?’

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