Who is to replace Shah?

November 17 2015

The question is that if the order for Shah to leave is carried out, who will be the BJP’s next president? Until now, the agreed-upon tradition has been that it is the Sangh that chooses the party’s president. Sangh’s close aide Nitin Gadkari has a big role to play in making Amit Shah the party president. If sources are to be believed, only two names are playing in the mind of Sangh at present – Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari. Sources say that right after the Bihar Assembly elections when Rajnath Singh met with Sangh’s chief Mohan Bhagwat, he registered his complain about Shah; Rajnath said that most of the party leaders are not finding it easy to work with Shah. But if Shah does have to leave, it is tough to believe that Modi camp will agree to Rajnath becoming the party president. In such circumstances, Nitin Gadkari has emerged as a name that will be agreed upon by all. But sources close to Gadkari say that he is happy with his ministerial avatar. Neither does he want to leave his department, nor does he want to go back to serving the organization. Thus, if Gadkari does not agree to becoming the party president, J P Naddha’s name might be next on the list. Personally, Modi will like to see Manohar Parrikar as the next party president because he might easily turn out to be Amit Shah No. 2.

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