Who is this CBI officer?

February 28 2014

Last week, the income tax department conducted a raid on the premises of one of India’s big meat exporter Moin Qureshi. The raid revealed that Qureshi and late Ponty Chaddha’s farm houses are adjacent to each other and both of them were business partners, too. A taped conversation between a prominent CBI officer and Qureshi has also come to light and the conversation between both of them has revealed that a big investment has taken place in Paris and London through the Hawala racket. There are also indications that the financial transactions for the business took place in London. The details of the properties that have come out in the raid are of a higher value than his company’s turnover for the past 15 years! It is worth mentioning here that Qureshi and the CBI officer’s phones have been under surveillance for the past two years. A raid was conducted at the businessman’s Noida premises and there is news that some things have been found there, too. Now the government, especially the income tax department, is eyeing another major meat exporter, who has close relationships with several BJP leaders. Who’s next? 

  1. RVNM Says:

    Very powerful people involved will make sure this news goes nowhere.
    Same Moin Qureshi is partner in her daughter (Famous stylist and Actress Sonam Kapoor’s friend) Pernia Qureshi’s Perniaspopipshop. She was also recently in news for allegedly trying to smuggle luxury bags to India.

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