Who is Kanhaiya’s anchor?

February 23 2016

Modi government has changed its tactic regarding the bail of Kanhaiya, the student president of JNU, who is also embroiled in the JNU controversy. Now it doesn’t want to give it too much importance. It is believed that in the days to come, this will lead to the chances of Kanhaiya being released, stronger. Sources say that of the 10 girl and boy students that he has named during police interrogation include that of Aparajita, prominent Left leader D Raja’s daughter. Those in the government feel that with the Budget session round the corner, if this matter is not controlled, the Communist party might join hands with the Congress and make it tough for the Parliament to function. Sources say that of the 10 names Kanhaiya has named in connection with the February 9 incident, six are girls; and if a girl is arrested in the matter, the issue might become a bigger one than it already is. The Left parties might try to take advantage of this in the West Bengal elections as well. This is the reason the government has eased its grasp on Kanhaiya’s bail, and his chances of being released have become stronger.

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