Which way will the farmer movement go?

March 31 2021

Ever since the notification for the assembly elections of 5 states has been issued, all the attention of the BJP led central government has shifted to these states. The results of these elections are to come on May 2, which means that the focus of the central government strategists has shifted. Anyway, for the last one month, the central government has not taken any initiative to negotiate with the farmers, so how to have a dialogue now? The harvesting season is on the head, so most of the farmers have started worrying about harvesting their crops. The movement which was earlier under the patronage of different farmer organizations of Punjab and Haryana is now dominated by the Tikait brothers, who talk of Parliament march sometimes, and sometimes of campaigning against BJP in West Bengal elections. At the same time, most of the farmers are of the opinion that they have nothing to do with any political stream, they are concerned only with farming. At the same time, some farmers feel that it is just a BJP game to get their movement captured in the borders of Punjab and Haryana. But the number of people who give moral and emotional support to the movement is constantly increasing. Therefore, the central government, sensing the urgency of the matter, can now send Rajnath Singh for talks with the farmers.

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