Where Rahul Went Wrong?

July 26 2017

Rahul Gandhi has a knack for getting himself involved in unnecessary controversies. At a time when he was asking PM to come clean on China issue, he is finding himself at receiving end after party’s statement on his meeting with Chinese envoy was found at variance with his own version of the event. In fact, the issue was fanned as much by Chinese ambassador himself. Sources claim that when Rahul invited Chinese ambassador to his residence to understand the issue, he also called the Bhutan ambassador for a briefing at the same time. When Chinese ambassador reached Rahul’s residence for the meeting, he was taken aback to find Bhutanese ambassador already sitting there. The result was the meeting scheduled for 45 minutes, ended within 15 minutes. Chinese ambassador, who normally, refrains from the media, duly sent a photo of his meeting with Rahul to various media organizations. Media obviously lapped it up. Bhutanese ambassador too sent a press note of the meeting to Paro. Rahul wanted to understand the issue but in his naiveté, messed up the whole incident.

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