When will the matter be formed between the farmer and the government

January 04 2021

Is the central government behaving, in the same manner, keeping in view the severity and intensity of the farmers’ movement? The matter is in the court and the Supreme Court is talking about forming a committee, and even the government expects solace from the court. When asked why the farmers were blocking the way, the farmers said that they wanted to come to Ramlila Maidan and Jantar Mantar for the demonstration, but the police stopped them at the border. On questioning as to why the 5-time talks with the government were dissolved, the farmers say counter-question as to why they were not shown the draft of this agricultural law, why any advice was not taken from them, and which farmer organization demanded them to make such a law. Sources reveal that the government has now agreed to find a middle ground, amending the agricultural bill following which the right to implement it will be handed over to the states and therefore it will be the will of the state governments whether they implement it or keep it in in cold bag like Punjab and Haryana governments. This means that not only will the union government save its face, but the anger of the farmers of Punjab and Haryana will also mellow down. Now leaders like Kejriwal are trapped on this issue. First, their AAP government has hastily notified this new agricultural bill, now to show and save its credibility, Kejriwal is tearing up the bill because the Aam Aadmi Party is looking to contest in Punjab assembly election.

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