When Varun met Rahul

May 03 2016

The two Gandhi cousins, Varun and Rahul, met at the foreign ministry’s Parliamentary Committee meeting. Both Gandhis are a part of the committee that is headed by Shashi Tharoor. Both brothers met with great warmth and didn’t let their party loyalties get in the way. Then the committee members at the meeting expressed their concern about Sushma Swaraj’s health, and Dr Karan Singh wanted to know how old she was. Rahul blurted out she was about 70-72 years old. At this, Sharad Tripathi, BJP’s Parliamentarian from UP said she was no more than 66-67 years old. Varun corrected everyone and said Swaraj was merely 64 years old. After the meeting, Rahul Gandhi went to AIIMS to meet Swaraj, where she is undergoing treatment.

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