When Rahul Lost Ground

October 10 2016

Rahul Gandhi has been on a roll with his yatra through UP. In Awadh from Purvanchal, he got an overwhelming response from people who gathered from far and wide to welcome him. But things changed when the yatra passed through Agra, Meerut, Amroha and Moradabad districts. The crowds began to thin, many drifting away. Muslims gathered in small groups just to watch him. The lack of enthusiasm seemed to have affected Rahul’s confidence, even that of the party men. The scores of posters condemning Pakistan and others claiming an emphatic BJP win in UP next year, did not help Congress morale. Unfortunately, Rahul (and adviser Prashant Kishor) compounded his party’s problems by attacking Modi when street wisdom demanded that they focus on bread butter issues such as water availability, building of roads, development and farmers distress.

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