When Kani met RaGa

February 20 2018

Rahul Gandhi is taking his newly elevated identity of Congress president very seriously. Sensing the footsteps of the impending general elections, he has learnt the art of decoding the backstage silence. Last week, he met DMK leader Kanimozhi. After being acquitted in the 2G case, Kanimozhi is also seen in an incarnated form these days. Whilst the entire conversation, Kanimozhi was convincing Rahul that Congress should talk to Kani instead of Stalin for coalition in Tamil Nadu. In support of this context, Kanimozhi had her own arguments and explanations. She said that currently Kani, her brother Alagiri and former Union Minister A. Raja are together. And this trio has more influence in the DMK politics. Kani calimed Central Tamil Nadu to herself, alongwith the high influences of Alagiri in South Tamil Nadu and A Raja in North Tamil Nadu. Rahul did lend his ear to Kani but in return claimed no concrete assurances.

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