What’s next for Akhilesh ?

January 02 2017

The battle is on in Yadav Parivar. There is lot of known and not so known aspects. Few are calling it a battle between Ramgopal and Amar Singh, others still connote it as father/ son conspiracy. They say that despite all hype and hoopla the communication between Akhilesh and Mulayam is on. On one hand Akhilesh is considering opinion of senior professor of political science and Public policy Steve Jarding at the same time he has been taking opinions of Mulayam Singh on major political decisions. As per sources the reason behind turmoil in Yadav parivar is the political ambition of Professor Ramgopal Yadav. Amar Singh seems to be quite piqued by the fact that Professor Ramgopal did not let any outsider to be in the party. Be it Amar Singh himself, Satpal Malik, Raj Babbar or Rahgu Thakur. It is said that since last few months the conversation between Ramgopal and Mulayam is at stall as Mulayam feels that Ramgopal is directing Akhilesh against him. As per the sources the entire political drama is to benefit the Prime Minister as on 30th of December after the completion of 50 days of demonetization opposition was about to create unrest. Certainly, the Yadav family tiff left no space for any other news. In the recent developments, if SP legislators will drew towards Akhilesh, the father will have to agree to his son.

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