What’s behind investigation scam?

February 23 2015

The blaze of investigation scam in Petroleum ministry is now clearly visible. It may have come as a shock for all those corporate who have been entrapped into it, but Modi government’s wise strategist Ajit Doval had clue about this for quite some time. Doval had information of the scam since his IB days during UPA’s regime. But, people often rub each other’s back to achieve top position in government or corporate. In fact, this game continued right under the nose of various ministries, and government stayed ignorant. But a big win of Arvind Kejriwal in small Delhi has brought nightmares for Modi government. And the kinds of feedback intelligence agencies have given about the reasons for this big debacle confirm that Delhi voters couldn’t digest the friendship between industrialists and Nizam of Delhi. Therefore, at the backdrop of forthcoming Bihar elections, this is also a warning for Modi government that he cannot let corporate do as they wish for the sake of his friendship. Neither Modi government is corporate owned government. Henceforth Modi too would not hesitate to pull back his hands from those moneyed men who publically walked along; after all it’s a matter of his prestige. Investigation scam is just the beginning; it seems some big fishes involved in arbitration between corporate wing and the governments are likely to suffer the wrath of Modi government soon.

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