What will happen to the BJP?

December 28 2013

Can Modi’s magic wane? A few days ago, a prominent survey agency conducted a people’s opinion survey in six states and the results are shocking – in Bihar, where BJP’s clean sweep was being taken for granted, the party has shrunk to a mere 12-14 Lok Sabha seats. In Bihar, Lalu, Congress, Ramvilas and Tariq’s coalition seems to be getting nearly two dozen seats. Nitish’s JD (U) might get only three seats. In Jharkhand, too, the BJP is facing trouble protecting its existing number of seats and it might be limited to four seats there. In Delhi, AAP is ahead in the race in five of the seven seats. There is also a direct face off between the Congress and AAP in Haryana, too. In Mumbai alone, AAP’s seats have reached a 17 per cent share. This percentage may increase in the days to come. Which means Kejriwal has the power to sabotage Modi’s dreams.

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